Call Out for Artists

Open Call for R&D proposals using the new Birmingham Camera Obscura

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Birmingham Camera Obscura is an ongoing project by Jenny Duffin and Pete Ashton to explore new ways to use the camera obscura. The camera obscura is a device that predates modern photography by over 1000 years.

We are putting together a funding proposal to commission new work made using the new Birmingham Camera Obscura which will be touring the region from July 2015.

The camera is a 1x2x1 metre wooden box with a lens and mirror which projects a sharp image from outside onto a white screen. It flat-packs down and can be installed anywhere in minutes.

We want artists / technologists to help explore this tool in the development of new work. While we welcome photographers we particularly want to encourage people who do not usually work with "traditional" photography. Musicians, illustrators, dancers, etc.

We anticipate a budget of £1000 per work, to cover fees, and costs. The camera is based at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) where the R&D will take place.

Proposals should be sent to and can be any length you like but please address the following:

  • How the work will aid your personal artistic / technical development.
  • How the public might experience your work.

Remember no funding exists at this stage so please just send an outline of your intentions and some links to previous work.

The deadline is July 6th (but we're not going to look at them before Thursday so if you missed the deadline get in now!). We will chose 4 proposals and, with your help, work them into an application which will be submitted during July. Subject to approval, the R&D will take place between October to March and will help inform our program for 2016.

The camera will be undergoing final testing through June at Birmingham Open Media (BOM). If you'd like to see it, Pete can arrange a visit. For more information see

Pete Ashton
Jenny Duffin