Highbury Harvest: last official outing this year

Last weekend, Oct 17th we went to Highbury Harvest at Highbury Park, Kings Heath. As it turns out, this was the last Camera Obscura public outing this year. The event had a lovely community atmosphere and we were situated right by the main path where footfall was good, as people were moving towards the 'main event'.


We also tried something a bit different, we had the mini camera obscuras with us anyway as they were still in the car from our school visit, so we decided to hang them in the trees nearby. This worked out as a great way to demonstrate the way that the camera obscura works in a simpler way on a smaller scale, and away from the crowd.


It was a bit gloomy, although dry, at first, but for a few hours mid afternoon we had some glorious autumnal blue sunshine.




Thanks to the organisers of this event for inviting us along after seeing us in the Jewellery Quarter!

This is the last public outing for the Camera Obscura this year, so if you know of any event happening next year which we should attend, then please get in touch!