Artworks commissioned for the Camera Osbcura

Over the winter of 2015/16 we worked with four artists to develop new works based on and using the camera obscura in new ways, to help us understand and develop how we might use our camera. These works were premiered in the Spring and are available for festivals and events.

This research and development programme has been funded by Arts Council England to help establish the camera obscura as a relevant artistic tool in the 21st century and to promote new collaborations and working methods. We plan to continue this programme in the future to build up a roster of viable artistic works ready to be performed and installed nationally and internationally, whist sharing our research findings with the wider community.

The 2016 Works

Upside FrontUpside Down by Gen Doy
A bespoke song for Winterbourne Gardens, performed inside the camera.
Reflections FrontReflections: A play for the Camera Obscura by Matthew Gabrielli
A new short play using the fall from grace of Fatty Arbuckle to explore perception and point of view.
Wind FrontCamera Obscura + the wind by Dolly Kershaw
An augmentation making the image inside the camera dependent on wind as much as light.
Island FrontObscura Island by Michael Lightborne
A choreographed performance around a traffic roundabout in central Birmingham, viewed from within the camera.

2016 Exhibition

Following the completion and performance of the works in June 2016 a small exhibition was held at Birmingham Open Media of posters designed by Gareth Courage and videos by Paul Stringer.

camera_obscura-2 copy

camera_obscura-3 copy

The copy from these posters is also on this website – see links above.