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Inspirational Obscura: Torre de Tavira / Torre Tavira

In our search for camera obscura around the world we're often told of one in Portugal and having found it we then discovered it shares a name with another one in Spain. The Torre de Tavira is a converted water tower on the Algarve while the Torre Tavira is in an 18th century watchtower in Cadiz. Not only do they share the same name and a sort-of similar language but they actually face each other over the Gulf of Cadiz, as seen on our Map Of Obscura

Camera Obscura Of The World-2

So we've sifted through the collective search engine results and here's what we've found.

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The Decagonal Pyramid Obscura of Ingestre House

Another Camera Obscura in the West Midlands! Once you start scratching the surface they're everywhere!


This beauty was built by Aaron Chetwynd Architects as part of the Ingestre Follies heritage trail at Ingestre Hall near Stafford. The architect's photos are from 2010 and it popped up in my Instagram feed today so it's definitely still there.

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