Support the camera

Support for this project comes in a variety of ways. Some people give time, some people give money, some people employ us so we can spend more time, some people help us apply for funding for specific things.

And while this is our project which we’re responsible for, it’s called “Birmingham Camera Obscura” for a reason. In the long term we want our camera to be based here and reflect Birmingham in all it’s glory, and the city is made of the people, so we need at least some of the people to get involved.

The simplest way to help is to donate a bit of cash.

This will go towards the maintenance and upgrade of the Portable Camera Obscura, initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign in December 2014. It will not be used for salaries or other costs. Just the camera.

You can use PayPal to pay by Credit or Debit card (no Paypal account needed).

Or you can post a cheque to Birmingham Camera Obscura, c/o Birmingham Open Media, 1 Dudley Street, Birmingham, B5 4EG made payable to “P Ashton”.

If you have skills or knowledge, we can use them.

We know a fair amount but we’re always learning and this city is full of clever people. We’re particularly interested in meeting people who know about optics and have built their own cameras, obscura or not. Picking your brains over coffee would be great. And there’s a good chance we’ll need you for one of our projects in the future, for which you might even get paid. Woo!

We’re going to be at BOM at least once day a week, often more, and can always find time to meet.

Helping spread the word and get the camera out there.

You can see the sort of things we’ve done and want to do on this website. Can you help us do it better? From programming to promotion to fundraising we’re always open to ideas. That said, less of the “you should do…” and more of the “here’s how you…” please!

Again, chatting at BOM is always an option or drop us an email.

Or something else!

We’re always open to ideas and usually free to chat. Just get in touch!