Our plan for Digbeth First Friday, June 6th

Today the weather is lovely and we'll be wheeling the camera obscura around Digbeth, cheekily piggybacking the First Friday events that the various arts organisations there have organised.

This is the first time the camera will have left Pete's garden so it's a combination test-drive / world premier. Exciting!

We'll be updating exactly where we are on Twitter but here's the rough plan.

We'll be setting up around Curzon St Station from around 3pm. Where exactly depends on parking.

We hope to have the camera ready by 5pm and will take it on roughly this route:

Google Maps

We'll pack up when the light starts to fade, probably around 9pm.

If you're in Digbeth for the First Friday Fun please do keep and eye out for us. We'd really like to know what you think of this thing we've built.