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The Decagonal Pyramid Obscura of Ingestre House

Another Camera Obscura in the West Midlands! Once you start scratching the surface they're everywhere!


This beauty was built by Aaron Chetwynd Architects as part of the Ingestre Follies heritage trail at Ingestre Hall near Stafford. The architect's photos are from 2010 and it popped up in my Instagram feed today so it's definitely still there.

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Did you know Dudley Zoo has a Camera Obscura?

During out maiden voyage on Friday someone (I annoyingly forget who) told us that Dudley Castle at Dudley Zoo had a camera obscura at some point. This article in Dudley News from 2010 tells us that yes, there was!


Artist Laurence O'Toole designed and created the camera obscura, which is housed in a turret of Dudley Castle. The turret camera was created in 1993 as part of a creative arts festival and provides visitors with a breathtaking view over Dudley town and beyond.

Back then it was "undergoing maintenance work, which is hoped to be completed by next season" but there's nothing on the official website.

Here's a photo taken by Gary Jones in 2011:


Is it still there? Can we go and visit it? Questions that must be answered!